BranchCommit messageAuthorAge download into data, and don't crashmar77i10 months
AgeCommit messageAuthor download into data, and don't crashHEADmastermar77i
2018-11-04fix wrong year in LICENSE. other maintenancemar77i
2018-03-09remove random.o in make cleanmar77i
2018-03-09integrate get_erandom calls into get_*word, allow starting with start wordsmar77i
2018-03-08add a module for to implement randomness sourcemar77i
2018-03-07markov.c: add license headermar77i
2018-03-04count word repetition in markov_producemar77i
2018-03-04clean up markov_produce logicmar77i
2018-03-04Makefile: set PROD flagsmar77i
2018-03-04initial commitmar77i