alice-in-markov-chainsScrambling band lyrics using Markov chainsmar77i <mar77i at protonmail dot ch>10 days
anglesPygame reimplementation of the "angles" hackmar77i <mar77i at protonmail dot ch>5 months
cgbpC99 graphical hacksmar77i <mar77i at protonmail dot ch>6 months
event_gatewayRedis-based event gateway for pygame inputs through a web applicationmar77i <mar77i at protonmail dot ch>5 months
ga-cliTime based authentication tokens for the command line.mar77i <mar77i at protonmail dot ch>5 months
gitweb_manageManagement backend for gitweb/cgit repository hubsmar77i <mar77i at protonmail dot ch>7 weeks
notify_websocketBrowser notifications from CLImar77i <mar77i at protonmail dot ch>4 months
shortcutShort-URL service running on shortcut.mar77i.infomar77i <mar77i at protonmail dot ch>5 months